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"She just HAD to go help those chipmunks, didn't she?", Rainbow Dash said to herself as she flew between her brother in law, Flying V, and his friend, Shades, in an effort to find Fluttershy.

"C'mon, Dash. It's her special talent." V stated.

"I know, but it was still stupid of her to come out here in her condition. She's due tomorrow for crying out loud!" Dash yelled.

"Let's just try to focus on finding her before the storm hits", Shades suggested. Looking at the clouds rolling in from the northern part of the Everfree Forest, they could tell it wasn't gonna be long before it hit Ponyville.

A sudden scream from below the team of pegasi got their attention.

"It's her!" Dash yelped in surprise as she dove into a treetop, followed by the stallions. Finally breaking into the area below the tree, they found Fluttershy with a pained look on her face, leaning up against the trunk and clutching her stomach.

"Fluttershy!" Rainbow gasped as she landed next to her sister in law.

"You ok, little sis?" Flying V asked.

"N-no! The foal's coming!" she whimpered before another wave of pain came over her.

"Ok, ok, just stay calm, and we'll get you back home real quick." Dash explained.

"We won't make it back home yet, R-Rainbow." Fluttershy whimpered in response.

"Why not?" Shades asked. His question was answered as Dash looked down to find that half the foal's head was already out.

"Woah! Fluttershy, how long have you been like this???" Dash asked. Fluttershy didn't even answer, but instead gave another ear-splitting cry as the rest of the head emerged.

"Ok ok ok, calm down! It's already halfway out. Just keep calm." Dash said as she got ready to catch the foal. " You two, help prop her up against the tree." she directed.

Flying V helped his sister get into a more comfortable position as Shades grabbed a pile of moss from a nearby rock to use as a pillow. Within minutes, the foal was out, a light yellow  earth pony filly with brown hair that had a pink streak in it. She had yet to open her eyes, so nopony could tell what color they were yet.

"Heh, she's kinda cute." Shades said, getting a good look at her.

"Yeah...She is." Fluttershy said, before a crashing of thunder made her go completely rigid, and caused the foal to cry.

"Horseapples! We forgot about the storm!" Dash cursed.

"We won't be able to make it back to Sweet Apple Acres before it hits!" Flying V yelled.

"Then how are we gonna get out of this?" Shades asked.

A sudden crashing sound from the bushes in front of them answered their question, out from it appeared Big Macintosh and Twilight Sparkle.

"Fluttershy! Y'all okay?" he started before taking a good look at the foal she was holding. "Is that..."

"Eeyup! Your daughter!" Fluttershy giggled before another thunder crash reminded her of the storm.

"No time for the family moment! Twilight, can you teleport the six of us out of here?" Rainbow asked her friend.

"Of course! Just hang on!" Twilight yelled as a bolt of lightning struck the ground a few yards away. The lavender unicorn prepared the spell, and within a split second, the group was teleported from the stormy Everfree Forest to the farmhouse's living room of Sweet Apple Acres, where Great Granny Smith, Applejack, her two month old daughter Rome Beauty, and Winona were suddenly surprised to find them.

"Where the hay did y'all come from?" Applejack asked after a moment of astonished silence.

"Um...Having her?" Fluttershy said as she held out the foal for everypony to see. Applejack and Twilight 'Daaaaawwwww'd in unison as Big Mac and Shades brohoofed.

"She's a cutie alright. Watcha gunna name her?" Granny Smith asked.

"You can pick it, darlin'. Ah'm not good with name makin'." Big Mac said before giving her a kiss on the forehead. She blushed as she looked down at the foal and smiled.

"Golden Harvest."


"And y'all are tellin' me it ain't got a single fruit on it's branches?" Applejack asked.

"Eeyup." her older brother answered as he looked back at the tree. Never before had a tree on Sweet Apple Acres property looked so sickly. Branches were falling off, the leaves were a sickly light green color, and there wasn't a single apple hanging from it at all, which was odd seeing that this tree gave the most fruit during last year's harvest.

"Guess me and RB gotta find use another tree. C'mon, Sugarcube." Applejack ordered her daughter as they trotted up to a tree across from it.

Big Mac sadly stared at the tree for a moment, before he felt  a small hoof poking his back leg. Looking back, he found Golden Harvest, whom had grown from that foal he first saw in the Everfree Forest to a cute young filly, that reminded him much of his wife.

"Um..Is there something wrong with this tree, papa?" she asked in a soft tone.

"Unfortunately, Eeyup." he said solemnly. "Ah've never seen a tree so sickly before in mah life."

Golden looked back at the tree. "Will it ever get better?" She waited quite some time before her towering stallion of a dad answered again.

"Ah dunno, Goldie, darlin'. If it ain't any better by the end of the month, it'll only be good fer firewood."

A familiar voice caught both their attentions: "Golden! Mac! Time for breakfast!" Fluttershy called out loud enough for her husband and daughter to hear.

"Commin' Fluttershy!" Big Mac said as he walked back to Fluttershy's new cottage, which he helped build when her old one was totalled in a bad storm about a year before the birth of Golden Harvest. The young filly just looked back at the tree, noticing a few  interesting things about the tree. First, there were a  couple nests of birds and their babies in the high up branches of the tree. A pair of squirrels shared a small hollow underneath the roots. But the one thing that really caught her eye was what was etched into the trunk at about the height of her dad's chest: A heart with the initials "B.M +F.S" inside.

"Golden Harvest! Breakfast!" Her dad called, regaining her attention.

"Coming, Papa!" she called back, taking one last look at the tree before trottting back to the cottage.

That night, Golden lay in her bed as her mother put away the book containing the bedtime story she just read to her daughter.
"Mama? Can I ask you something?" Golden peeped.

The butter colored pegasus turned back to her bed. "Of course. What is it?"

"That tree that got sick earlier today... Is there something special about it to you and Papa?"

Fluttershy sighed and stared off into space for a moment before turning back to the filly.

"I guess I have time for another story. You see, a couple months before you were born..."

Seven Years Ago...

"And...There. That should do 'er." Big Mac said, checking the front door to see if it closed correctly. After a couple days working with Caramel and Braeburn on building this new house, they had finally finished. It wasn't that big of a house. A simple, single story home with a combined kitchen and living room, a couple bedrooms, one for guests, and everything else a home would need. Fluttershy entered the home, looking around.

"O-oh my! Big Mac, this is amazing! I-it's even better than my old house!" Fluttershy exclaimed. "Wait, what about space for my animals?"

"Don't worry, Fluttershy. Ah made sure we took care of that." Big Mac said, leading her to the back of the kitchen. Next to the edge of the counter, a door leading to another room, with a smaller pet-sized door in the bottom, stood closed. Upon opening it, Fluttershy squealed in delight. A large room, about the size of her old bedroom, was full of nooks and crannies differently sized for all kinds of small animals. In each of them was a tiny bed, and a food and water dish. In the far corner was a tree, sticking into the house  and covered with nests and smaller notches for squirrels or other rodents to live in.

"Oh my goodness..." Fluttershy gasped.

"Eeyu.." Big Mac started before he was suddenly kissed on the lips by the butter colored pegasi, who was blushing hard enough to become  the same color as him.

"I honestly can't thank you enough for this." she said.

"Well,  we've been together fer a couple years now, and y'all've been real kind ta mah sister and her fiance over the years. T'was the least Ah could do." the large stallion replied.

" I have a way to thank you for all this." Fluttershy said, looking away from him.

"And what might that be?" Big Mac asked.

"We have been seeing each other for a while..."

" Where's this headed?" , Big Mac asked, his curiosity making him impatient.

"W-would you like to move in with me?" she finally managed to squeak out, leaving Big Mac speechless for a moment.

"Wow...Sure is a big step..." Big Mac pondered.

"I-I'm sorry... Maybe I shouldn't have..." Fluttershy began.

""Hold on there. Ah didn't say no yet. B'sides, shouldn't something happen before that?" Big Mac smirked.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"C'mon outside fer a minute." he said, leading her to a tree where they etched their initials in after their first kiss. At first, Fluttershy had no idea what was going to happen, until Big Mac pulled out a ring and knelt down.

"Would y'all marry me?"


" I agreed and we got married, and had you. The End." Fluttershy finished.

"So that tree really does mean alot to you?" Golden Harvest asked.

"Oh, yes. I think of it as a symbol of the relationship between your father and I." Fluttershy answered before looking out the window at the tree and sighing. "It's a shame that there's no chance of it getting better. But enough about that, you have school in the morning, so off to bed."

Golden made herself comfortable as Fluttershy tucked her in before kissing her on the forehead and walking out of the room. Once the coast was clear, Golden got back up, and looked out her window at the tree. It looked even worse than it did earlier that day.

"Don't worry. I'll find a way to save you, Tree." Golden said to herself.

"Have a good afternoon, everypony!" Miss Dinky called out as the fillies and colts filed out of the classroom. "And remember, there's no school tomorrow as the voting for the town's new mayor is going to be held here." she reminded.

Golden still sat at her desk, gathering her things, when a yellow pegasus filly with bright pink eyes and multicolored mane flew over to her.

"Hey, Golden! Me and Amethyst were gonna have a sleepover at my place. Think your parents would let you stay?" Sunbeam asked her cousin.

"Oh , um, I don't know. I'll talk to them about it." Golden answered back quietly. Sunbeam nodded and went back outside where their Kirin friend was waiting. In the meantime, Dinky had noticed that Golden hadn't left yet, and slowly walked over to her.

"Is everything alright, Golden Harvest?" she asked her student.

Golden quickly realized she was still in the presence of her teacher. "Oh, um..  It's nothing to worry about." she mumbled before changing her mind and explaining her predicament to her teacher.

"Well, it's nice that you want to show an act of kindness like that to your parents, but I'm not sure if there's much I could help you with. I don't know magic well enough to fix a tree in such bad condition permanently." Dinky explained. Golden Harvest looked down with a disappointed look on her face before her teacher spoke up again.

"But I think I know somepony who can."

"...and that's just about it, Dad." Dinky explained to The Doctor. It had been five minutes since Dinky brought Golden to the Tardis to see if the Timelord could help in some way. She still couldn't get over how such a tiny box could be a huge spaceship, and kept repeating to herself in awe, "It's bigger on the inside."

"Well, Dinky, what you just described to me is the side effects of a poison that can only be found on one planet that couldnt possibly have shown up here unless.." The Doctor said before pausing and making his eyes go wide. Suddenly he began shoving Dinky and Golden Harvest out of the ship, as Derpy came out of the Tardis's bathroom noticing the commotion.

"What the muffins is going on?" she wondered out loud.

"No time to explain. Have to go to Skarro before the entire Apple Family's crop goes bad and find out why the Daleks are trying to ruin Ponyville's main food source. Too dangerous for a young filly and a pregnant mare so you two have to wait here." The Doctor explained simultaneously before shutting the door on Dinky and Golden before running back to the console.

"Hold on tight, Derpy. This is gonna be a bumpy trip...ALLONS-Y!!!"

Just as quickly as the Tardis disappeared, it reappeared in front of Dinky and Golden. Out stepped a very beaten and tired looking Doctor and Derpy.

"What happened to you two?" Dinky asked.

"Can't explain everything now, only that it wasn't the Daleks that poisoned the tree." The Doctor answered. "Oh! That reminds me!"

Galloping back into the Tardis and coming back a couple seconds later, he placed a small vial with a clear orange liquid inside of it in Golden's hooves.

"Water your tree with that and it should be better in no timek." he instructed.

"Okay. Thank you, Mr Doctor!" Golden said before heading back home. The three of the older ponies watched as she trotted off towards the apple orchards.

"Thanks for that, Dad." Dinky said, hugging her father. "I owe you one."

"Then would you mind if I cut off Pip's..." The Doctor started before Derpy shoved a bran muffin in his mouth to cut him off. Both mares shared a laugh as the timelord spat out the breakfast pastry.

"Derpy! You know bran muffins are the only muffins I can't stand the taste of!" he complained.

" It was the only way to keep you from chopping off your son-in-law's...Wait a sec! Bran Muffin!" Derpy exclaimed as she pointed at her daughter's bulging stomach. "That's a good name for a foal, am I right?"

"Hmmm...Pip and I will consider it."
Once Golden got back to the apple orchard, she immediately headed towards the tree, which now looked as if it were on the brink of death. She sadly looked up at it before looking at the vial with the serum The Doctor gave her.

"Hope this works..." she thought as she opened the vial and poured its contents out around the tree. At first, it looked like nothing happened. Then, Golden couldn't believe what happened next.

"Oh my...Mama! Papa! Come look at this!" she called to the house. As if on cue, Fluttershy and Big Mac trotted out.

"Whats wrong, Goldie...What the..." Big Mac started before he looked at the tree in pure awe. Fluttershy just stood there with her mouth hanging open.

Nopony could ever believe what happened. The tree was shining the exact same color as the liquid Golden was given. When it died down, it was as if the tree never got sick. The leaves shone a vibrant green color. Fully-grown apples hung on it's branches.

"Goldie, how'd y'all do this?" Big Mac asked.

Golden Harvest told her parents about how The Doctor gave her the stuff that caused the tree to be reborn.

"Well, that's an interesting story..." Fluttershy wondered aloud.

"But, how're we sure it stays like this?" Big Mac asked.

Golden took her dad's question in and gave it some thought.

"I'll take care of it, Papa. I'll make sure it stays like this."  Golden promised. Her parents looked at one another for a moment before agreeing and heading back inside, leaving Golden Harvest to stare at the tree for a while.

A few days passed for Golden and her new friend. She spent the past few days camping out next to the tree, her mother bringing out her meals to her as she watched over it. She watered it, made sure termites and earwigs didn't turn it into their new nest, and even bucked her first apples off of it.

It wasn't until about a couple days in until her parents were truly convinced that their tree would stay like this, and Big Mac went out to bring her back inside. He found her curled up against the tree, a blanket her mom brought out draped over her haunches. As he picked her up and placed her gently onto his back, he noticed something: An apple tree, now forever plastered onto his daughter's flank. She was very happy to have found that when she woke up.


        TEN YEARS LATER...

"C'mon, Auntie. It's right in front of ya." Rome Beauty encouraged Fluttershy, who was currently blindfolded as she and Amethyst led her along the path.

"Um...Where are you even taking me, girls?" she asked.

"It would'nt be a secret if we told you, Mrs. Macintosh."Amethyst answered.

Across the farm, Golden Harvest and Moonlight Shadow led Big Mac, also blindfolded, towards the same place Fluttershy, Amethyst and Rome Beauty were headed.

"Goldie, where're y'all taking me?" he asked his daughter.

"Sorry, Papa. Can't tell you!" Golden giggled.

"Just keep walking." Moonlight ordered in her usual monotone voice.

Soon enough both parties met, and the girls accompanying each of Golden's parents stood in front of them.

"Okay, you two can take off your blindfolds now." Golden instructed.

Fluttershy and Big Mac took off their blindfolds. Standing in front of them were Golden and her friends, with a picnic they set up in front of them, and Sunbeam and Surprise hovering above them with a banner that read, "Happy Anniversary!".

"Suhpwish!!!!!" Surprise tried to exclaim through a mouthful of banner.

"You did all this for us?" Fluttershy asked her eldest daughter.

"Eeyup!" She answered as her father gave her a hug. "But I still couldn't do it without help from my friends."

A tap at her hoof brought her attention to a very shy-looking pegasi filly she recognized as her little sister.

"Appwe Cweam hewped too!" the young filly said, motioning for Golden to pick her up.

"...and some very special help from my BLSFF." Golden finished as she picked up Apple Cream, whose blush turned her an even deeper shade of red.

"Well, we should leave you two alone." Amethyst suggested as the seven younger mares left Fluttershy and Big Mac alone to enjoy their anniversary together.

"That was a real nice thing the two of ya did, Goldie." Rome said to her cousins.

"Well, it's just like my mom always told me, Cousin." Golden Harvest answered as she looked at her younger sister laying on her back, nuzzling the back of her neck.

"Sometimes, you just need to show a little kindness."
Golden Harvest: You Are Here
Moonlight Shadow: Coming soon
Rome Beauty: Coming Later
Sunbeam: Coming even later
Surprise: Coming even more later

Finally finished the next chapter, featuring the daughter of Fluttershy and Big Mac. Not particularly proud with this chapter, I'm just glad I got it done.

Now, you're probably wondering what that whole story about her birth was about. After I finished Amethyst's chapter, I had this idea to describe the dyas they were born. Sort of like a prologue if you will.

Also, the majority of this chapter takes place on the same day Amethyst gets her cutie mark, which explains why Dinky's still pregnant herself. Then at the end, it skips ahead another 10 years, to the point where the real fanfic will take place.

MLP and all canon characters belong to Hasbro.
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