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Map Of Equestria by SnowyZo3 Map Of Equestria by SnowyZo3
My headcanon map of Equestria. I got bored and was too lazy to color it, so here ya go as it is. I'll probably color and reupload in the future but for now it's staying like this.

Equestria shares a border with quite a few countries:

To the north is Gryphus, the mountainous and snowy land home to the Griffon Kingdom.

Northeast of Gryphus is Drakasya, which is home to an odd species of dragons that are almost "humanoid".

North of both these lands are Draconia and Soralia. Soralia once belonged to the Draconequus people before their war with Equestria wiped them all out. It was settled by ponies but then recently fell to an unknown enemy. Draconia is homeland to the dragons.

Northwest of Equestria, across the sea is another pony continent known as Scandaneighvia, which is home to ponies discovering new countries such as Itaily and Germaneny.

West of Equestria is Ponygypt and Girafrica. Ponygypt was settled just before Equestria was by nomads that believed differently than other ponies. It is home to large stone pyramids that have lasted for thousands of years. Girafrica is an exotic place filled with grasslands and jungles that are home to Zebras, giraffes, gazelle, and many other types of animals.

South of Equestria is the humid country of Mexicolt, home to the donkey and mule population of the world.

Across the sea to the east are Neighpon and Unleo. Unleo is a small island populated by a special breed of ponies, and home to some of the only alicorns other than Celestia and Luna. Neighpon seems to have a Neighsian culture like the ponykind that lives far beyond Girafrica.

Now, we finally move to Equestria's towns.

Basically, Equestria is split into four counties. The first is Suffolk County, which makes up the northwest corner of the mainland. The second is in the northeast, also known as Caneighdian County. The third is Desert County, which is made up of the desert region at Equestria's southeastern border. Finally, the entire southern portion of Equestria, minus the desert, is known as the Amareican County.

Towns and Cities of Caneighdian County:

Canterlot- The complete capital of Equestria. Cut into the Appleachian Mountain Range, this elegant city is home to mostly the high class society of unicorns. Here can be found the epitomies of fashion, art, and the sophisticated lifestyle of ponykind. Canterlot is also known as the home of the Alicorn princesses that rule over the country for over a thousand years.

Whinnypeg- A small city, and the northern most major settlement in the county, it resides above a large forest, where Earth Ponies and Unicorns, with the occasional Griffon drifter, reside.

Roanoak- This small town just east of Canterlot is built in a dense wood, where nearly half of Equestria's paper products come from.

Moscow- This is an interesting settlement. The entire population of this town just south of Roanoak is either Earth pony or a cow. Because of the large bovine population, 95% of dairy products made in the country come from here.

Cities and Towns of Suffolk County:

Hoofville- A tiny village near the long border of Gryphus, there is a diverse population of both ponies, griffons, and even dragons here.

Baltimare: This city is known as a transportation hub for ponies of all kinds. The Equestrian trans continental railroad begins here, there's a major port that ferries ponies and goods across the northern sea to Scandaneighvia, and an experimental Zeppelin yard is being built for non-flying ponies to travel to sky cities like Cloudsdale.

New Trot City- Built where the old Trot City stood after it was destroyed by a rampaging dragon hundreds of years ago, it is separated from its sister city of Manehattan by a large lake. Here lives a diverse culture of ponies, but also donkeys, zebras, and mules. This city is also infamous for it's high crime rate, the highest in the northern region of Equestria in fact.

Manehattan- A social hub second only to Canterlot, Manehattan is home to many financial and commercial businesses within its limits. Also home to the Equestrian Stock Exchange as well as one of the largest shopping malls on the continent, with over six hundred stores on just the ground floor alone!

Trottingham: A large city with very tightly packed buildings, it's the only city with roads fit for cars to drive on, considering the new car plant that opened a few years ago. Its also the home of two brothers notorious for selling scammy merchandise as they travel around.

Gallopsburg- Once a beautiful town, until a mysterious fire sprang up and reduced it to nothing but ashes and skeleton structures of where houses once stood.

Cities and Towns of Amareican County:

Ponyville- A settlement that has seen alot of popularity recently, home to ponies of all kinds , as well as the world famous Sweet Apple Acres. It's also the closest town to places such as the Everfree Forest, Gastly Gorge, Whitetail Wood, and Froggy Bottom Bog. There is a small rock farm just north of it.

Fillydelphia- The third largest city in Equestria and home to the best pro-hockey team, the Fillydelphian Darkhorses, as well as most of the steel mills in Equestria.

Stalliongrad- A medium sized port city home to mostly earth ponies and pegasi. The headquarters to Equestria's national guard is also stationed here.

Cloudsdale- A city built entirely out of clouds and populated by only pegasi. Home to the stadium of the aerial acrobatics team, the Wonderbolts, as well as their weather factory, this was the first settlement for Pegasus ponies ever when Equestria was founded.

Hoofington- a large town home to all kinds of ponies. There is a large wood just south of it that is home to Scorpius, large constellation creatures that resemble giant scorpions.

Solaneigh Beach- A coastal town home to a large beach that becomes a tourist magnet in the summer. Waves here are perfect for their annual surfing competitions.

Flankersfield- This small town to Equestria's far west boasts some of the country's greatest writers. There is also a law school here where many ponies study to become lawyers and judges.

Clopton- Also known as the Gateway to the West, this town is the closest to the borders of Ponygypt and Girafrica.

Gallopfornia- The city closest to the Mexicolt border, ponies, donkeys, and mules of all kinds live here. There is also a studio here where most of the movies and music made and recorded in Equestria are made and recorded.

Cities and Towns of Desert County:

Dodge Junction- The gateway to the Bone Dry Desert, home to many pony settlers, as well as a cherry orchard.

Las Neighas- A city built mainly out of casinos, wedding chapels, and theme hotels.
It's where the phrase, "What happens in Neighas, stays in Neighas." comes from.

Apploosa: This small town which shares the same territory as a herd of buffalo is the southernmost pony settlement in the desert. Built by members of the family that own Sweet Apple Acres in Ponyville.

And there you have it.

I do not claim ownership to any of the names that are not canon to MLP: FiM. They're just clever names either I came up with, or borrowed from character applications to :iconroleplayingponies:

All canon settlements in Equestria and MLP belong to Hasbro.

EDIT: Suffolk county's name was inspired by the breed of draft horses known as Suffolks, not the actual Suffolk County in New York.
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HenryIndiana Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012
Oh wow! I just saw Gallopfornia on the map and I was like, WOW!
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Glad u like it!
PrincevNightFury Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Student General Artist
You have made my with this. I became overjoyed at seeing Gallopsburg in there. This is awesome!
SnowyZo3 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
abledbody Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Also, Tayren's just a special poneh, and Unleo's not exactly an... Island, it's more of a crack in the earth that happens to be next to the ocean.
SnowyZo3 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
...okay.. didn't know that.
abledbody Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SnowyZo3 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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