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A next generation fanfiction series by SnowyZo3

Chapter 4: The Quest

“Um...Tia?” Luna asked. The Princess of the Night tapped her hoof to her older sister’s eyelid. The very next moment, the Sun Godess sprang up, wide awake.

“SPY SAPPIN’ MY DISPENSER!” she screamed, startling her sister. That’s when she realized the sun already had been risen and the P-Box turned off. “Uhh...When did I pass out?”

“Not important. It’s morning. We had to raise the sun for you. Again.” Luna replied as her sister sat up.

“Has everypony else awoken already?” Celestia asked, straightening her crown on top of her head.

“Yes, they’re down stairs in the foyer. All of them including us have been waiting for thou to awaken.” Luna replied.

“Yes, well, let’s get to it then.” Celestia ordered as she trotted out of the room with her younger sister following.

“Just promise me you’ll be safe...”Fluttershy whimpered as she hugged her eldest daughter.

“I will, Mama.” Golden Harvest replied, breaking off the hug from her mother and replacing her saddle bag on her back.

All around the foyer, all six of the girls, about to depart on their mission, were saying their goodbyes to their families. Nopony else noticed as the Princesses descended down the stairs.

“Y’all come back now. That filly yer Aunt Applebloom’s gonna have aint big enough ta take over yer job yet.” Applejack said, trying to hide the fact that she was about to cry.

“Ma, relax. I’ll come back.” Rome Beauty assured her with a quick hug.

“I see you’re all ready to depart.” Celestia spoke up, grabbing the attention of everypony.

“Just about, Princess.” Amethyst answered. The crowd of the older and newer generation surrounded the two alicorns.

“Before you depart, we have some things to give you to aid you on your journey.” Celestia explained, as she used her magic to open a door at the left side of the staircase. Entering the room were two ponies. One was a white earth pony with red eyes, a black and grey mane, black jumpsuit, and a pair of mechanical wings. The other was an orange pegasus with redish-brown mane and eyes,as well as a gear for a cutie mark and a pair of goggles.

“We hired some of Equestria’s best inventors, Dark Star and Gizmo, to develop this technology.” Luna continued. “My sister and us hope it serves thou well.”

“What are they?” Sunbeam asked.

Dark Star reached into a pouch behind his wings, pulling out a small hoofheld device that looked like a miniature television screen. On the back was knob about the size of a coin, as well as a gear-shaped symbol in the top right corner. “This is a portable video phone.” he explained. “It allows you to communicate via camera to anypony back home.”

“How’s it work?” Rome Beauty stepped forward.

“Well, it needs a simple levitation spell to activate it. Would you kindly demonstrate, Mrs. Sparkle?” Dark requested as he handed the device to Twilight.

“Of course.” she replied as the levitated the device. “Now what?”

“Now I just need to find the right frequency...” Dark said as he turned the knob on the back. A moment later, a glowing pink orb appeared in front of Princess Celestia. Inside it was an image of Twilight, and on the device, the Princesses appeared on screen.

“Wow, this is impressive.” Twilight said.

“Indeed.” Celestia agreed. “You may contact us whenever you need with this device, wether it be to inform us of your process or just check in for new information.”

“And if it ever breaks, you can send us messages through Amethyst’s messaging magic.” Dark Star suggested.

“How did you know I could do that?” Amethyst asked as Spike stepped forward.

“Yeah, your mother and I already gave some info about your abilities to Gizmo and Dark.” he confessed as the device deactivated. “Besides, we need you to keep in contact however you can.”

“So what’s the second thing? It looks cool!” Surprise asked, prodding the second piece of technology that Gizmo was holding.

“This has the ability to trace where the Alternates are located in Equestria with the sattelite array Luna’s scientists sent into space a few years back.” Gizmo explained, activating the device. On it appeared a map of Equestria. On it, six mulitcolored dots appeared on random locations all over Equestria, a green one and a yellow one located in Ponyville. A blue one was in between Ponyville and Fillydelphia, an orange one in Cloudsdale, a purple just outside of Dodge Junction, and a red one located in the Everfree Forest.

“Those must be Nightmare Moon and Discord.” Amethyst pointed out, looking at Ponyville.

“Wouldn’t her’s be the blue one though?” Sunbeam suggested.

“Maybe there was a change in who guarded what.” Golden Harvest guessed.

“Could be.” Gizmo answered. “Lemme just zoom in...” Pressing a button with a plus sign on it, the map shrunk, to the point where the streets of ponyville were visible. The green one seemed to be moving around the town’s center as the yellow one was at the edge of town closest to Sweet Apple Acres.


“C’mon, Heartbeat! Move it!” A colt’s voice called back.

“I’m trying, Blue!” Heartbeat snapped back.

Both had just gotten away from Sweet Apple Acres, thinking it would be a safe place to hide from Discord and Nightmare Moon. They were dead wrong. Everyone there, from Apple Bloom and Snails, to Apple Syrup and Apple Cider, had been turned to stone by Discord, who was also waiting for them. And now, he was chasing them back to Ponyville.

“Really now, you’ll like being statues! Trust me, I was one for half a millenium!” Discord called out, sarcastically.

“Fat chance!” Blue Skies called back. For once, inheriting his Aunt Cloudchaser’s endurance was really paying off. He and his fillyfriend Heartbeat, were keeping  a good distance away from Discord. But still, the draconequus kept bridging the gap inch by inch. He only needed to get a little closer to catch that little mare. And he was getting them.

“Blue! Help! He’s-catching up!” Heartbeat yelled, starting to pant. Then the worst possible thing happened: she tripped on a rock, landing head over hooves just in front of the Bringer of Chaos. “Oh no....”

“Oh yes,” Discord chuckled, grabbing her by her foreleg.

“NO!!!” Blue Skies cried out as the filly he dated was turned to stone. After she was completely changed, Discord turned to him.

“Now for you...” he said, ominously.

“Not today!” a voice rang out.

In less than a second, a cart held in a blue aura crashed on top of Discord’s head, and Blue suddenly felt as if he was being lifted into the air by his tail. And he was. Turning to see who it was, he was met by her cutie mark: a yellow and black music note in the pattern of a nautical star on a mocha-colored flank.

“Could you quit staring and start flying so I don’t have to carry you?” Miracle asked.

At that instant, Blue snapped out of his confusion. “Yeah. Sure.” he replied, getting his wings moving as Miracle let him go.

“Good. Eight Bit! Sonnet! Get out of there!” Miracle called down to her friends and former fellow Crusaders.

“Gotcha!” Eight Bit called back, dropping the cart she was levitating and galloping away from the stunned draconequus.

“Right behind you!” Sonnet followed. Minutes later, the four of them regrouped at a treehouse deep in one of the orchards behind Sweet Apple Acres.

“I’m really sorry we couldn’t save Heartbeat.” Eight Bit apologized to Blue.

“It wasn’t your fault, guys. I could’ve done something though.” Blue said, hanging his head.

“And what? Got statue-fied like her? Like my parents? Like Prince Eos?” Sonnet snapped.

“This isn’t the time, Sonnet.” Miracle ordered. “We should just see if anypony else is still safe.”
She turned to Blue Skies. “Have you heard of anything?”

“Me and Heartbeat thought we saw some guards looking for survivors when Discord found us.” he answered. The former-crusaders perked up.

“Where’d you see them?” Eight Bit and Sonnet asked in unison.

“Flying over the library. I think I saw Metronome with them.” Blue continued.

“Maybe they’re still around. We could meet up with them!” Sonnet suggested.

“Then let’s go!” Miracle ordered as the four headed into town.


...So, we know at least one of them are still there.” Amethyst thought outloud.

“It matters not. They still need to be defeated.” Luna stated.

“What happens if we fail?” Sunbeam asked.

“I fear that what Discord and his associates have done to Ponyville will spread all over Equestria. Then to the other kingdoms such as Gryphus or Neighpon, until all life on the planet is extinguished.” Celestia said, solemnly.

“Then we won’t fail you.” Amethyst promised.

“As I said before, I know you won’t. All of us have put our complete trust in you.” Celestia stated as the older generation of ponies crowded around the younger generation. “Now you should start your quest as soon as possible, so we won’t keep you waiting.”

“We’ll be back everypony. And we’re gonna save Equestria too!” Amethyst promised as she and her friends headed towards the front gates. Their mothers waved goodbye, some of them tearing up.

“They ain’t our little girls anymore.” Applejack said, her voice crackling slightly.

“No, they’re our only hope now.” Spike answered.

       It wasn’t until the six of them were outside the gates of Canterlot that one of them spoke up again.

“Did any of ya guys get the feelin’ Celestia just sent us off to get rid of us for sumthin’?” Rome Beauty asked.

“That’s ridiculous, RB.” Moonlight mumbled as they traveled onwards.

Meanwhile, back in Celestia’s chambers...

“Do you think it was at least the tinyest bit mean that you sent them away just to get back to gaming, dear sister?” Luna asked as she slayed yet another Creeper.

“Less talk-y, more minecraft-y! I’ve got half a heart left and half a dozen zombies behind me!” Celestia shouted.

End of part 4.
And here it is: Yet another chapter after a 2 1/2 month hiatus.

Chapter 4: The journey begins as more survivors are discovered in Ponyville.

Previous chapter:[link]

Next Chapter: [link]

Dark Star belongs to :iconalbinotechv2:

Gizmo belongs to :icondarkkon13:

MLP, Surprise and all canon characters belong to their respective owners. All other OC's are mine.
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